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Anzac Site
This site was created by the Information Services Branch of the Board of Studies NSW for the Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs. It provides access to information about the involvement of Australians in the First World War. This includes extensive coverage of Gallipoli and the warand Anzac military history. Features of the site include a timeline of events, images, photographs and digitised documents relating to the Australian war and home front experience and oral histories. There is also a teacher's section which contains bibliographies of further reading and suggested lesson plans.
Australian Army war diaries
This site is maintained by the Australian War Memorial. It provides free access to a database of digitised images of war diaries recording the daily activities of units of the Australian army during the First world War; Second World War;the Korean War and Vietnam war. These were generally prepared by comanding officers and provide insight into the daily routine of the armed forces, some photographs and maps of battles, details of war casualties. Copyright information is displayed on the site.
Despatches From Gallipoli
This site is maintained by the National Library of Australia. It provides free access to a collection of writings from four Australian journalists during World War 1. These provide insight into Australian experiences during the First World War, accounts of Gallipoli, the work of war time newspaper correspondents and censorship and the development of Australian Anzac identity. Materials include diaries, manuscripts and reports. The site also has a timeline of events.
First world
First World is an online multimedia history of the First World War, edited by enthusiast Michael Duffy. The material on the site is not peer-reviewed, and as such the Editor advises against using it for teaching purposes, however, the site is well-designed and attractive and would be of interest to students of the Great War. Work on the content of the site is ongoing, and already included are features and information on: battles; weaponry/gas; poets and prose; life in the trenches; the Christmas Truce; propaganda posters; and commanders. The site also provides footage (archive…
Gallipoli 1915 : the drama of the Dardanelles
Part of the Imperial War Museum Web site, this resource focuses on the Gallipoli campaign from April to December of 1915 during the First World War. This effort, which was part of a strategy conceived by Britain and France to break open the Dardanelles and permit a supply route through to Russia while threatening Constantinople, ultimately failed. The battle of Gallipoli resulted in over 300,000 casualties (counting both sides). Information is provided here on the historical background of the campaign, the landscape in which the battle took place and the fateful landings on the Gal…
Gallipoli Association
The website of the Gallipoli Association gives details of an organisation of enthusiasts whose objective is to preserve and commemorate the memory of the events of the First World War campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey, which took place between April 1915 and January 1916. The site features: information about the events of the Dardenelles campaign; biographies of military staff; a table of regimental service; and records of the naval involvement, as well as a few individual stories and personal histories. Also provided are: tables of contents for the association's quarterly jo…
North Beach Gallipoli 1915
North Beach Gallipoli 1915 is an online version of a booklet produced in 2001 by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Australia, for the opening of the Anzac Commemorative Site at North Beach Gallipoli. The booklet contains an excellent article on the history of this First World War battleground entitled, 'From that day it was the Sphinx', by historian Richard Reid. The article describes events in Gallipoli in 1915 and features primary source material, quoting extensively from diaries and letters, and illustrated with drawings made by soldiers stationed there. Many of these drawings ar…
Old front line : battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918
This is the website of Paul Reed, a military historian with over 20 years interest in the Great War 1914-1918, the author of several books in the 'Battleground Europe' series published by Pen and Sword (including 'Walking The Somme').In the section 'the old front line' Reed includes never-before-published Great War material, documents, photographs and first hand accounts to describe: tourist information useful for visiting the Western Front battlefields in France and Flanders; the Somme battlefields (1916); the fighting in Flanders (the Ypres Salient); the 1917-1918 battles at Arras, C…
Puke Ariki - online exhibitions : "our dear brother" : William David Kemp
This is an online exhibition published on the Puke Ariki website. It looks at the experiences of New Zealand soldier William David Kemp during the First World War, using digitised items from the W.D. Kemp Archive to illustrate his story. Available on the site are primary sources such as photographs, postcards, letters, artefacts, a pay book and diary entries, building a picture for viewers of Kemp's experiences in the Dardenelles and of his death at Chanuk Bair. There is also a narrative, adding further detail to his story and events in Gallipoli, and of commemoration in New Zealand.
Visit Gallipoli
Visit Gallipoli is an extensive website that looks at the history and commemoration of the Anzac campaigns in Gallipoli during the First World War. Published by the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs, the site offers a wealth of resources on Gallipoli. The 'Landing' section provides a good introduction to the Anzac landings, with primary sources including: war diaries; letters; newspaper articles; and images. Users can also download a PDF copy of Richard Reid's book 'A Duty Clear Before Us' for free, and view an excerpt from Denis Winter's book, '25 April 1915 - The …