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The bombardment of Hartlepool, 1914
'The Bombardment of Hartlepool, 1914' is a Web page that gives a brief account of this bombardment during the First World War from a civilian perspective. The site was created by the grandson of one of the eye-witnesses, Fred Glendinning, and includes digitised versions of his contemporary photographs. The site also provides links to the German High Command's version of events, and other sites concerning the history of Hartlepool. The site is likely to be of interest to local historians, mostly for the images it contains.
World War 1 Posters: artists mobilizing the home front
This site provides access to a collection of American First World War posters designed by James Montgomery, Howard Chandler Christy and a number of other artists. They include examples of recruitment posters, US government propaganda urging support for the war and the purchase of Liberty Bonds and patriotic messages. Some annotations on date, history and importance of the posters is provided. The collection is made available on the Internet by Jim Zwick.
US National Archives : Teaching With Documents : Sow the Seeds of Victory!
A lesson plan with downloadable resources and a bibliography from the website of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.