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1914-18: the war of the words : Ben MacIntyre : Times Online
'With diaries, letters home and poems, soldiers in the trenches made it the most literate of conflicts...'
Armistice around the world
A BBC News film-clip (Nov 2008).
Audio slideshow : The end of The Great War
A BBC News production of 'black and white images of a conflict that happened nearly a century ago remain powerful reminders of the horrors of war. Here - against a backdrop of some of the most vivid photographs from the time - historians and people who lived through World War I recall the lead up to the 1918 Armistice. (Production by Paul Kerley.) Commentators: John Bourne, Professor Gary Sheffield, Professor Hew Strachan. (Includes BBC radio archive and excerpts from the 1964 BBC television series 'The Great War'.)
BBC : Shropshire : Culture and arts : New biography shows the real Wilfred Owen
A BBC news report on Dominic Hibberd's biography of the poet.
BBC News : Entertainment : Myth and magic of Wilfred Owen
An article by Vincent Dowd, Arts reporter, BBC World Service, examining 'Owen's enigma'.
Because You Died: Poetry and Prose of the First World War and After, by Vera Brittain
From The Telegraph (Nov 2008) 'Vera Brittain's 'Testament of Youth', a classic of the Great War, has been described as the war book of the women of England. This prescient and powerful essay, written in 1968, two years before her death, charts how the war sparked the feminist revolution.'
Blood, bombs and bards: poetry from the frontline
A Sunday Times report and video (Nov 2008) by Cathy Galvin who meets Lt-Colonel J.B. Brown and other British and American 'soldier poets' fighting in Iraq.
Britten's War Requiem is disturbingly exhilarating
The Times: 'The horrors of war feed man's creative impulse' by Richard Morrison (Nov 2008).
Brooke look
Article from The Northern Echo (Nov 2008), Jonathan Race talks to Steve Pratt about bringing Rupert Brooke back to life on stage, 'Rupert Brooke was once feted as "the ideal of youth in arms" but the impact of the First World War poet has faded.'
Caerphilly pupils revisit WWI
BBC News audio-clip (Nov 2008) : Pupils from St Martin's School in Caerphilly remember World War I war victims from their town.