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Focus on Isaac Rosenberg
Focus on Isaac Rosenberg is an online exhibition published by the consortium (formerly the Family Records Centre). The exhibition highlights documents that have survived in the nation's archives relating to the life and military career of war poet Isaac Rosenberg (1890-1917). Resources include: Rosenberg's birth certificate; related census returns; original poem manuscripts; and his medal and service records. There are also suggestions for further reading, and a selection of related web links. The site is designed to inspire those researching their own ancestor…
Isaac Rosenberg : Birkbeck's war poet
This web page contains the text of a lecture given to Birkbeck College about the First World War poet, Isaac Rosenberg (1890-1918). Rosenberg grew up in a poor Jewish family, enlisting in the army in 1915. His most famous poem is probably 'Break of Day in the Trenches', although 'Dead Man's Dump' and 'The Immortals' are also well known. This lecture looks at the poet's background and education and surveys the verse he produced in response to WWI.
Lost poets of the Great War
Lost poets of the Great War is a website devoted to poets killed in World War I. The poets commemorated are: Rupert Brooke; John McCrae; Wilfred Owen; Isaac Rosenberg; Alan Seeger; and Edward Thomas. For each poet, there is a short biography and a selection of poems. There are also poems by: Mary Henderson; Alice Meynell; Margaret Sackville; Edgell Rickwood; Ernest Hemingway; and Muriel Stuart. Other features include: a sound file of a letter from Wilfred Owen to Sir Osbert Sitwell in July 1918; responses of various poets to John McCrae's 'Flanders Fields'; and a discussion of Christia…
Steven Connor's homepage
Steven Connor's home page features papers and articles by Steven Connor, currently Professor of Modern Literature and Theory and Pro-Vice-Master for International and Research Students at Birkbeck College, University of London. Connor specialises in nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature, cultural studies and literary theory. His papers cover a wide range of literary and cultural subjects, including Samuel Beckett, Isaac Rosenberg, Mary Shelley, Virginia Woolf, aesthetics, philosophy, ventriloquism, sound, music, modernism and romanticism. The site is highly recommended to those …
Isaac Rosenberg: Early Poetry and Related Documents
Early Isaac Rosenberg poetry and related documents from the Joseph Cohen collection of World War I literature, University of South Carolina.
English Revision Notes
A-Level and GCSE English Language/Literature, as well as some notes for Key Stage 3 and University level World War I poetry revision notes on the British student moderated wiki, The Student Room (TSR), including: Issac Rosenburg, Harold Begbie, Wilfred Owen, Edmund Blunden.
First World War Poets : Your Archives
A pointer towards collections in The National Archives of interest for study of the military service of some of the war poets.
Jean Moorcroft Wilson on Isaac Rosenberg : Visions from the trenches : Guardian Unlimited Books
'Unlike the celebrated officer-poets of the first world war, Isaac Rosenberg was a private soldier. A Jewish East Ender and a talented artist, he was a reluctant army recruit. Jean Moorcroft Wilson argues that his poetry, unjustly neglected, gives a unique perspective on the horrors of war' (2003)
Poem of the week : In the Trenches
'Two trench poems from Isaac Rosenberg that are as dazzling as they are imperfect', by Carol Rumens, from a blog in The Guardian (Nov 2008).
War Poets Association : Isaac Rosenberg
A biography written for the War Poets Society website.