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Ivor Gurney
This is a blog about Ivor Gurney (1890-1937), the composer and poet, who served with the Gloucestershire Regiment in the First World War (1914-1918). The blog is written by Philip Lancaster, who is working on the manuscripts of Gurney held in the Gloucestershire Archives and is a committee member of the Ivor Gurney Society. It describes his research on the music and poetry and letters of Gurney, his preparing of Gurney and others' musical scores for performance, recording and publication, and his work with Prof. Tim Kendall (University of Exeter) transcribing and editing Gurney's compl…
Ivor Gurney : poet-composer 1890-1937
The official website of the Ivor Gurney Society, this resource is dedicated to Ivor Gurney (1890-1937), who was an English poet and composer who fought in the First World War and later succumbed to mental illness, spending the last 15 years of his life in institutions. He wrote war poetry and composed hundreds of songs and pieces of instrumental music, mostly for the piano. The website contains biographies of Gurney and of some of his musical contemporaries and personal friends, including the Australian composer Arthur Benjamin, Joy Finzi (artist, sculptor, poet, musician and wife of G…
Music from the Western Front
This Website, Music from the Western Front, provides a transcript of remarks delivered by Thomas Kemp, Director of Chamber Domaine, at Gresham College prior to a concert devoted to musical composers who saw active service during the First World War. This event, held in September 2007, was part of a 'Made in Britain' series of four lectures exploring twentieth century British instrumental chamber music. This concert included Sir Arthur Bliss's Piano Quartet in A from 1915, with the movements Poco adagio e espressivo; Intermezzo: Tempo di Mazurka; and Allegro Furioso. A piece by Sir E…
War poets
This is Professor Tim Kendall's blog about War Poetry, concentrating primarily on the prose and poetry of the First World War (1914-1918), but also the Second World War (1939-1945). Prof. Kendall is an expert on twentieth century British and Irish war poetry at the University of Exeter. His occasional posts are always insightful and focus in particular on his current research interests: American poet Robert Frost (1874-1963), and the poetry of Frost and Edward Thomas (1878-1917); and (with Philip Lancaster) Ivor Gurney's poems. As well as the author's opinions some of his posts can be …
War poets association, The
The War Poets Association website belongs to the UK-registered charity of the same name. The aim of the Association is to promote interest in poets whose subject is the experience of war, and also in the historical context of their lives and works. The charity does not confine its interest to one period or nationality, but as it states on the site: "the primary focus [is] on conflicts since 1914". The site gives short biographies of a number of poets (mainly from the First and Second World Wars) as well as: short introductions to major conflicts; news on publications and events rela…
Oxford DNB : The Armistice
To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War you can read, for free, the life stories of 36 individuals from the Oxford DNB. The presentation is arranged into the categories: Women and War; the Trenches; the Fallen; Empire; Land, Sea and Air; and Remembrance - reflecting different aspects of the 1914-18 conflict. The biographies include: Vera Brittain, Ivor Gurney, and Wilfred Owen.
The Ivor Gurney Collection deposited at Gloucestershire Archives
A brief web page explaining that access to this collection is restricted whilst it is being catalogued. Images of poetry from the collection will be made available as part of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive in 2009.
The Ivor Gurney Society
This website gives information about the Society, the life and work of the Gloucester composer-poet Ivor Gurney (1890-1937), and also aims to host a number of scholarly resources, the first of which (an extensive online bibliography) is nearing completion. The society was founded in 1995 to promote interest and scholarship in Gurney.