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Mill Hill essays 1998 : In search of an enigma : the Spanish Lady
A short article on influenza, published as part of the Mill Hill Essays 1998, by the National Institute for Medical Research. The document discusses the history of influenza. The most intense outbreak to date occurred in the last year of the 1st World War, the Spanish Lady pandemic of 1918-19, which is discussed in detail here. The essays cover topical subjects and are aimed at increasing the understanding of medical sciences amongst the general public.
Nursing sister Helen L. Fowlds : a Canadian nurse in World War I, Trent University archives
This website is an online exhibition hosted by the Archives of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. It posts archival documents detailing the service of a Canadian nurse, Helen Fowlds, during World War I. The site gives a biography intermingled with general commentary on the First World War which will make this site of interest both for historians of Canadian Social History and of the War. Of special note are over 100 private letters, available in full-text online. There is a good timeline which helps to contextualise the exhibit in general historical terms. Precise ar…
Repression of war experience
An online version of The repression of war experience by W.H.R. Rivers, originally presented to the Section of Psychiatry, Royal Society of Medicine, 4 December 1917 and published in The Lancet in February 1918. The work centres on Rivers' experiences of treating patients with war neuroses in the Craiglockhart hospital during the First World War. The work has been made available by the World War One Document Archive site.
Shell shock and its lessons
A hypertext edition of Shell shock and its lessons (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1917) by Elliott Smith and T.H. Pear. The work has been made available via the World War 1 document archive. The work is separated into five chapters reflecting the structure of the original: The nature of shell shock, treatment, Psychological analysis and re-education, Some general conclusions and Some lessons of the war.
The first aid nursing yeomanry (FANY)
The Home Page of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal Voluntary Corps), known as FANY, contains a short history of the unit, famous for its action with SOE in World War Two. The information is available in both English and French. The stories of the women who served with the FANY in the First World War and the Second World war are presented on this site briefly. Extracts are available from Lynette Beardwood's book "FANY at the Western Front : War Tales 1914-1919". Tales of the experiences endured in the Second World war range from looking after convoys of Polish soldiers…
World War 1 document archive : the medical front
This Web page provides links to the digitised versions of documents in the medical section of the World War 1 document archive, an online collection of documents relating to the First World War. The medical section covers both military and civilian aspects of the war and has been arranged into broad subject areas, including medical, surgical and pathological documents, gas warfare, dental, nursing, pharmacological, hospitals, the Red Cross, ambulances and veterinary medicine. There is also a listing by document type, including contemporary photographs, diaries, biographies and medical …
Combat Stress
Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, a charity supporting the psychiatric casualties of the UK armed forces, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Freud and the War Neuroses: Pat Barker's 'Regeneration'
An article from the website of the Freud Museum.
The 'forgotten' killer of WWI
BBC News (The Today Programme) audio-clip (Nov 2008) : The flu epidemic at the end of World War I killed 50 million worldwide and nearly 250,000 in Britain. Mark Honigsbaum, a research associate at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, says that celebrations at the end of the war could have added to the death toll and that then Prime Minister David Lloyd George became seriously ill.
The Medical Front WWI
An annotated list of links to other online resources from the American WWI virtual library.