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Trench fever
Trench Fever is a blog written by Dr Dan Todman, a senior lecturer in history at Queen Mary, University of London. Dr Todman specialises in the social, cultural and military history of Britain, particularly the memory and remembrance of war. Todman comments on a range of subjects within these areas, including: the teaching of military history; social and cultural commemoration of conflict; and the representation of military history by the media (from the viewpoint of an academic who has worked with the media himself). The site provides an archive going back to August 2005, as well a…
Twentieth century battlefields BBC podcasts
This site provides free access to a collection of podcasts relating to a BBC TV series presented by Dan and Peter Snow in 2007. The series visited battlefiedls of major 20th century wars, using computer technology to recreate the scenes and experiences. Users may download podcasts free of charge. Conflicts covered include: First World War 1918 western front; Second World War 1942 Midway; 1942 Stalingrad; 1951 Korea; 1973 Middle East; 1982 Falklands; 1991 Gulf War. Technical and copyright information is displayed on the website.
Walking the battlefields
The 'Walking the Battlefields' website details Phil Curme's visits to battlefields of: the First World War; Second World War; and other conflicts. The site is also the home page for the author's research into the history of the 11th Battalion, The Suffolk regiment (the Cambs Suffolks) known also as the Fen Pals. The trips to battlefields are represented by brief annotated photographic tours, relating to sites including: Stalingrad; Verdun; and Normandy. A good example of these tours is the section on the Second World War battle for Stalingrad, which includes pictures of the River Don,…
Western front association
The Western Front Association is the website of a long-established, UK-based organisation with around 5,000 members world-wide. The Association aims to further interest in the period of the First World War and to perpetuate the memory of those soldiers on all sides who served their countries: at home; in France; and in Flanders during the Great War. The website provides details of the organisation's: committees; branches; and membership as well as linking to current relevant items in the press via its 'Stop Press' section. The 'Educational Resources' section is large, made up of artic…
Worcestershire regiment
The Worcestershire Regiment is an excellent enthusiast's website detailing the history of this British Army regiment. The site is well designed and easy to navigate, and contains an immense amount of information for military historians. Amongst the content there is detailed information about campaigns, articles, rolls of honour for the Peninsular War and the First and Second World War, and battalion histories. In addition there is primary source material in the shape of photographs, oral histories from Prisoners of War, and transcribed war diaries. The site is quite large and can …
World War I document archive
This site, which is run by the Great War Primary Document Archive, contains a large archive of primary documents relating to the First World War and its immediate aftermath, compiled by members of the World War I Military History List. The documents are indexed under the subject headings of 'Conventions, Treaties, and Official Papers', 'Memorials, Personal Reminiscences' and 'Documents by Year', the latter category containing, in chronological order, those documents which do not fall under either of the other two. In addition, the site contains a large number of related secondary artic…
World war one maps
The United States Military Academy World War One website consists of 45 maps of operations from the Great War. It also includes political maps of Europe and the World before and after the war, and maps of war plans, including the Schlieffen Plan of 1905. There is a page of basic map symbols. In addition to maps of the major campaigns on the Western Front and the Eastern Front, the site includes maps of operations in Italy, Gallipoli, and the Balkans, and details of conflicts in more peripheral areas such as Palestine, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. The maps are not accompanied by any text.
First World War 90th Anniversary
A website from the Imperial War Museum, providing information and links to the Museum's collection, online exhibitions, and events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of The Armistice.