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A vision of regeneration, Nova Scotia archives and records management
A Vision of Regeneration: Reconstruction after the Halifax Explosion, 1917-1921 is another site created by Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management to commemorate the Halifax Explosion of December 6, 1917, when two ships, one loaded with munitions, collided in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The explosion "killed more than 1600 people instantly and injured over 9000 others, in a metropolitan area of 65,000 people." This site is an online exhibition of archival photographs which describes life in the city before the explosion and the long impact of the disaster. Image…
David Lloyd George Exhibition 1863-1945
This site provides access to a collection of materials relating to David Lloyd George which were prepared by the National Library of Wales to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death in 1995. David Lloyd George was a Liberal party politician and British Prime Minister from 1916-1922. The website provides access to biographical details and photographs from his private and political life.The text describes his life, including key moments such as his involvement in the First World War and Versailles Peace conference.
Halifax explosion 1917 online resources, Nova Scotia archives and records management
Halifax Explosion 1917 Online Resources is a new online exhibition from Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management. This is one of a series of sites created by the same organisation which are devoted to the explosion in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. This was a disaster caused on December 6, 1917 when two ships -- one carrying a load of munitions -- collided in Halifax Harbour. This site has 16 film clips taken as part of the documentation of the aftermath of the explosion. There is a further collection of online archival sources, such as images of archival documents which were pers…
Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum
The website of The Royal Artillery Museum, based in the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.
Times Online - Shells despatch video
A video from The Times Online Archive showing how the newspaper was involved in exposing the scandal of the shells shortage on the Western Front.