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The Canadian letters and images project
The Canadian Letters and Images Project is an online archive of Canadian wartime correspondence, photographs, memoirs and reminiscences. The archive covers Canadian participation in nineteenth and twentieth century conflicts, including the Spanish American War, the Boer War, World War One and World War Two, and also life as a soldier in the Canadian Peacekeeping Force. It offers primary source material which will be of use to historians and social studies researchers at all levels. All the material has been transcribed from the original, and for some of the sources there are also scann…
The Great War : Vimy Ridge : George Van Wyck Laughton, M.C.
The website The Great War: Vimy Ridge describes the research undertaken by Richard Van Wyck Laughton, grandson of George Van Wyck Laughton, who served in the British and Canadian armies in that conflict. This site is an extension of Richard Laughton's elaborate and well-sourced genealogical pages on this Canadian branch of the Laughton family. This section was created, the site states, to counter the recent historiographical trend to play down or question the importance of Vimy Ridge in Canadian history and particularly in the teaching of the subject. Laughton is not an academic, so…
Thomas Fredrick Littler : First World War diaries 1914 - 1919
The Thomas Fredrick Littler website provides access to Littler's First World War diaries and related images. The site is designed and run by Littler's descendent, Chris Littler, who has transcribed Thomas's diary entries, as well as digitising his collection of First World War cartoon and photographic postcards. The diaries themselves are available as extracts, or can be downloaded in full as a PDF file The site also provides: wartime photographs of Thomas and his family; modern family photographs of French battlefield areas; and links to related websites. This site would provide a…
We were there
The Ministry of Defence launched the We Were There Exhibition in November 2000, and the We Were There companion website uses images, biographies and other information to detail the history and experiences of ethnic minorities from the British Empire and Commonwealth in the British Armed Forces over the past two hundred years. Men and women from all over the British Empire and Commonwealth are included, and while the focus is primarily on the First World War and the Second World War, conflicts from the nineteenth century up until the late twentieth century are also covered. The exhibiti…
World War One : Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy
World War One : Josiah Alexander Chancellor Kennedy is a website created by Kennedy's grandson, Richard V. Laughton, which follows his military career in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The site is a mixture of military and family history, with Laughton's work supplemented by contributions from war historian Chris Baker (author of the World War One-related website "The Long, Long Trail") and others. The site provides access to a number of documents (in PDF format) relating to Josiah Kennedy, some of which are usefully (for other military/family historians) divided into sections acc…
Experiences of War
An online exhibition 'The Jock, The General and The Nurse' from the National Library of Scotland.
First World War 90th Anniversary
A website from the Imperial War Museum, providing information and links to the Museum's collection, online exhibitions, and events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of The Armistice.
Flickr Group : The Great War Archive
The Great War Archive is closed for submissions, BUT you can upload your images to Flickr and add them to our group.
Gutenberg : World War I bookshelf
Free electronic books (e-books) which you can download from Project Gutenberg. These include, for example, 'Adventures of a Motor Cycle Despatch Rider' by W. Watson.
In Memoriam
A website from the Imperial War Museum, providing information and links to the Museum's collection, online exhibitions, and events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of The Armistice.