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i. : posters and art from United States National Archives and the New York Historical Society
i. is a commerical online library which supplies posters and art from United States National Archives (NARA) and the New York Historical Society. It contains examples of historical maps, prints and posters. Users may search by keyword or browse by theme. Key topics include advertsing posters, political posters from the First and Second World war and historical materials relating to new York. This site is a commercial service. While images may be viewed online , it is intended for purchasers. Other free images may be located on the homesites of the actual archives. Co…
The Mauretania website has been created by Tyne and Wear Archives Service with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to provide free access to photos, information and educational resources about the most famous ship built on Tyneside. This is a well laid out and interesting website, which will be of interest to historians, researchers, local people and anyone interested in great liners, ship building and technology such as dazzle paint for camouflage. The Education pages provide guides for teachers and parents for keystage 2/3. The Gallery pages provide photos, maps and magic lantern…
Media and war : the battle for hearts and minds
Media and War is an online resource for teachers on wartime propaganda. It's designed to tie in with the National Curriculum, but teachers of students at different levels could certainly use it. The site is comprised of two sections, techniques and technologies, which look at the central tenants of propaganda and explore how it works, and the mediums of propaganda respectively. In each section examples are given for the First World War, Second World War, the Falklands, and the Gulf and Iraq War, using a variety of primary and secondary sources, including images and sound files.
Newspaper pictorials: World War 1
This site forms part of the library of Congress American Memory Project. It provides free access to a collection of images taken from US newspapers published during the First World War 1914-1918. The main sources are the New York Times and the New York Tribune, including the three primary sources The War of the Nations: Portfolio in Rotogravure Etchings, a volume published by the New York Times shortly after the armistice that compiled selected images from their "Mid-Week Pictorial" supplements of 1914-19; Sunday rotogravure sections from the New York Times for 1914-19; and Sunday roto…
Poster war : allied propaganda art of the First World War
'The Poster War' is an online exhibition of forty-six posters by allied artists of World War I, hosted by the Royal Alberta Museum, Canada. The posters can be viewed as part of an exhibition tour or selected individually by title or thumbnail. The exhibition is loosely divided into three parts. The first part compares the propaganda symbols which were used to identify and vilify the enemy with those which were used to unify and encourage allied society. The second investigates the use of the soldier on the battlefront as a universal propaganda image. The third illustrates various home-…
Propaganda Postcards of the Great War
This site aims to provide access to over 2,500 digital images of postcards from the First World War 1914-1918. All items are taken from the private collections of Jerry Kosanovich and Paul Hageman. The site includes background information on the importance of postcards as propaganda materials, descriptions of the type of materials depicted and their impact. Topics covered include: weapons, individual battles, recruitment, patriotism and nationalism and treaties such as the Treaty of Versailles.
Take up the sword of justice : British posters of World War One from the Roger N. Mohovich collection
The website "Take up the Sword of Justice: British Posters of World War One from the Roger N. Mohovich Collection" features an exhibition of posters held by the Special Collections department of Georgetown University. The exhibition is prefaced by an introduction explaining the significance of the Mohovich Collection, acquired in 1997. The introduction also provides information on print runs, the regional use of printing houses, and print years. The exhibition includes work by artists such as Frank Brangwyn, G. Spencer Pryse, and Bernard Partridge. Many of the twenty-five posters featu…
The Stars and Stripes : the American soldiers' newspaper of World War I, 1918-1919
The Library of Congress' Serial & Government Publications Division publishes this online collection of the early twentieth century newspaper The Stars and Stripes. This weekly First World War newspaper for American servicemen has been digitised in its entirety, from February 1918 to June 1919. The paper features news from the home front, sports news, poetry and cartoons, and the staff included Alexander Woollcott, Harold Wallace Ross and Grantland Rice. The paper can be searched by keyword or browsed by issue and date, and was processed with optical character recognition (OCR)…
War on the walls: posters from the George F. Tyler WW1 collection
This site is maintained by Temple University Libraries. It provides free access to a selection of digital images of First world war posters held in the library. These include British and American recruitment and propaganda posters. Among them are famous examples relating to Kitchener. The site also contains supporting essays on the use of propaganda during WW1 and the technology of chromolithography and posters. Copyright and technical information is displayed on the website.
War Poster Collection University of Washington Digital Collections
This site provides access to a collection of digital images of posters from the First and Second World Wars which are held by the University of Washington. They include materials produced by American, Dutch, German and British forces, including propaganda from the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler. Topics covered include: public propaganda, national security, the role of the Red Cross and women in war. Each item has an added bibliographic record with information on date, publisher, artist, subject material and copyright information.