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World War 1 posters: University of North Texas Libraries digital collections
This site forms part of the University of North Texas Libraries digital collections. It provides free access to an online collection of over 50 digitised images of First World war posters and prints. These include English, American and German examples; recruitment and political propaganda posters. Each entry has a full description. Copyright and technical information is displayed on the website.
World War posters: University of Georgia Hargrett Library Collection
This site provides information about the World War poster collection held by the University of Georgia Rare Books and Manuscripts library. It includes free access to examples of First and Second World war posters which have been digitised and can be viewed using DJvu software. They include examples from the British and American governments, propaganda and recruitment posters. Copyright and technical information is displayed on the website.
First World : Satirical Magazines of the First World War : Punch and the Wipers Times
An article from the First World website.
Propaganda Posters
A web page from the First World website bringing together posters from all the main protagonists of the war.
The Lusitania Medal
An online exhibition from the Imperial War Museum: 'The story behind the infamous Lusitania medallion. Many British copies of the medallion still survive - but why they were made?'
US National Archives : Teaching With Documents : Sow the Seeds of Victory!
A lesson plan with downloadable resources and a bibliography from the website of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.