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War poets collection
The War Poets Collection is a website belonging to Napier University in Edinburgh, the home of a collection of documents relating primarily to First World War poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. The collection is held at the University's Craiglockhart campus, the site of which was formerly a military hospital where Sassoon and Owen first met, and where some of their poems were written. The website gives general information on the more than 400 items in the collection, as well as visitor information for the related exhibition, and more on the history of Craiglockhart. Of partic…
Wilfred Owen Association
The Wilfred Owen Association (WOA) website provides information on the poet and his life, as well as some details of the association itself. This information is accessed via menus at the side of the main page, under the headings: 'His Life'; 'Virtual Tour'; 'Memorials'; 'His Poetry'; 'Web Links'; and 'WOA'. The biographical section is comprised of a timeline of major events in Owen's life, and photographs of his close family. The 'Virtual Tour' consists of photographs of places where Owen lived and also of relevance to his life as a soldier in the First World War. The poetry sectio…
Wilfred Owen multimedia digital archive
The Wilfred Owen multimedia digital archive (WOMDA) aims to improve online access to primary source material relating to Wilfred Owen and to preserve this material in a digital archive. The archive provides scans of original documents relating to Owen, and also information about the First World War in general. The type of material available from the site includes: Owen's original manuscripts; letters written by Owen; audio interviews with WWI veterans; contemporary video clips; and contemporary photographs, as well as: modern video clips; and modern photographs. Items on the site ca…
World War One poets on the battlefield
The World War One Poets on the Battlefield Website looks at four British First World War poets: Edmund Blunden; Rupert Brooke; Wilfred Owen; and Siegfried Sassoon. The content is based on four books published by Battleground Europe as part of their 'On the trail of the Poets of the Great War' series. For each poet there is a short biography, and a fairly detailed account of the military service they experienced. Other resources available on the site include: bibliographies; maps; critiques of poems; and photographic tours of the battlegrounds each man fought on. The site would be of in…
rhubarb is susan: flash review of poems by Brian Turner
Close reading of poems written by Brian Turner - with comments by other critics.
BBC : Radio 4 : Woman's Hour : Women war poets
Audio from this radio broadcast from 2001, synopsis includes: 'Siegfried Sassoon, Wilfred Owen and Isaac Rosenberg produced an enduring body of poetry in which they commemorated and protested against the trench experience of World War One. But what about the women poets? Have they been excluded from the literary canon because they didn't fight at the front? Contributor: Michele Fry of the Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education'.
BBC Cult Interview with Pat Mills author of the comic strip Charleys war
Writer Pat Mills chats about his classic World War One comic about a 16-year old soldier in the trenches, (critically acclaimed for its authenticity and realism). Drawn by Joe Colquhoun and written by Pat Mills, the story first appeared in Battle Picture Weekly, then it was rerun in the Judge Dredd Megazine, and is currently available as a graphic novel.
Birdsong, from Sebastian Faulk's official website
A page about Faulk's novel Birdsong, from his official website.
Blood, bombs and bards: poetry from the frontline
A Sunday Times report and video (Nov 2008) by Cathy Galvin who meets Lt-Colonel J.B. Brown and other British and American 'soldier poets' fighting in Iraq.
Brooke look
Article from The Northern Echo (Nov 2008), Jonathan Race talks to Steve Pratt about bringing Rupert Brooke back to life on stage, 'Rupert Brooke was once feted as "the ideal of youth in arms" but the impact of the First World War poet has faded.'