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Prose and poetry : Sir Herbert Read
An article from the First World website.
Prose and poetry : Wilfred Wilson Gibson
An article from the First World website.
Revision : Poetry and Prose Quotes
A-Level English Literature students at A2 level World War I poetry revision notes on the British student moderated wiki, The Student Room (TSR), including quotes from prose and poetry such as: pre-WWI literature (like The Volunteer by Herbert Asquith, 1912); early War literature (like For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon, 1914); and later literature (such as Edmund Bluden, Siegfried Sassoon, Jessie Pope, Robert Graves, Wilfred Owen); as well as some Post-WWI literature.
Revision : World War I Poets : Wider Reading
Aimed at A-Level English students at A2 level these World War I poetry revision notes on the British student moderated wiki, The Student Room (TSR), offering Wider Reading sources for students of the World War I Poets.
Scamp Theatre : Private Peaceful
The website of the theatre company touring with Private Peaceful, based on the acclaimed children's book by Michael Morpurgo.
Six of the Fallen, in Words They Sent Home
From the New York Times (Nov 2008) 'Messages From the Front : Excerpts from the e-mail messages, journals and Web postings of six soldiers who died in Iraq since Jan. 1, 2007.'
The First World War in Literature
'Literary Connections', materials for AQA A Level English Literature (LTA6 and new AS).
The Great War Poets (Hay Festival - 2007)
An MP3 is available to download of this event hosted by Josephine Hart, the readers included Dame Eileen Atkins, Simon Callow, and Dan Stevens star of The Line of Beauty.
The Jet Man well versed about Iraq
From The Sunday Times, (Nov 2008), by Anna Burnside, about David Knowles, a fighter pilot honoured for bravery who has turned his experiences into poetry.
The Unutterable Beauty (1927) : The Collected Poetry of G. A. Studdert Kennedy (Woodbine Willie)
An online version of this book of poems by the Rev. Studdert Kennedy (known to the troops as Woodbine Willie).