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First world
First World is an online multimedia history of the First World War, edited by enthusiast Michael Duffy. The material on the site is not peer-reviewed, and as such the Editor advises against using it for teaching purposes, however, the site is well-designed and attractive and would be of interest to students of the Great War. Work on the content of the site is ongoing, and already included are features and information on: battles; weaponry/gas; poets and prose; life in the trenches; the Christmas Truce; propaganda posters; and commanders. The site also provides footage (archive…
Imperial War Museum sound archive
The Sound Archive website is part of the Imperial War Museum's Collections online presence; it details the holdings of the oral history collection and links to the online searchable database. The database is largely made up of oral history interviews conducted with forces personnel and civilians who experienced conflict during the twentieth century. There are also historic broadcasts and recordings (both TV and radio), such as BBC broadcasts of Winston Churchill's speeches during World War Two and British and German propaganda pieces. There are sound effects and a miscellaneous collect…
Oral histories of the First World War: veterans 1914-1918
This site has been created by Library and Archives Canada (LAC), in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). It is based on the CBC's radio broadcast In Flanders Fields, a series of interviews with veterans of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, which aired from November 11, 1964 to March 7, 1965. It provides free access to a collection of audio interviews with Canadian First World War servicemen. Topics covered include life in the trenches, the Battle of the Somme, Ypres and personal experiences of war. Transcripts are provided. Th…
The great war and the shaping of the twentieth century
This site is a companion to the PBS television series about the First World War. Developed in association with the BBC and the Imperial War Museum (London), the site contains a number of multimedia features. For a start, the site contains complete synopses of the series. There are also many programme excerpts.The site also contains edited transcripts of many of the interviews used in the series. European and American experts speak on subjects ranging from the Birth of Modernity, to Hitler, to the Russian Bread Riots.There are also interactive timelines, maps, and links.
Audio slideshow : The end of The Great War
A BBC News production of 'black and white images of a conflict that happened nearly a century ago remain powerful reminders of the horrors of war. Here - against a backdrop of some of the most vivid photographs from the time - historians and people who lived through World War I recall the lead up to the 1918 Armistice. (Production by Paul Kerley.) Commentators: John Bourne, Professor Gary Sheffield, Professor Hew Strachan. (Includes BBC radio archive and excerpts from the 1964 BBC television series 'The Great War'.)
The National Archives : Voices of the Armistice
Listen to the voices of the First World War in this series of podcasts produced by The National Archives to mark the 90th anniversary of the Armistice.
Vintage Media
A web page from the First World website which contains archive recordings (audio and video) of politicians, royalty, commanders, battles, songs and speeches from the wartime era.