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Marine museum of the Great Lakes : Vickers collection
This finding aid was produced by the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, Canada, and was originally intended for the use of museum staff. It is a long narrative description of most of the archival material in the collections from Vickers. The file describes: the establishment of Canadian Vickers; the company's production (such as, submarines, subchasers, armed trawlers and drifters) during World War I; the depression era of the 1920s; World War II production (frigates and corvettes); peacetime contracts and the 1950s; and finally the closure of the shipbuilding division in th…
The Mauretania website has been created by Tyne and Wear Archives Service with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to provide free access to photos, information and educational resources about the most famous ship built on Tyneside. This is a well laid out and interesting website, which will be of interest to historians, researchers, local people and anyone interested in great liners, ship building and technology such as dazzle paint for camouflage. The Education pages provide guides for teachers and parents for keystage 2/3. The Gallery pages provide photos, maps and magic lantern…
Merchant Navy : World War One : sources of information in the National Maritime Museum : research guide No. C9
This research guide, produced by the National Maritime Museum (NMM), is part of a series intended to help people who wish to carry out their own research. It summarises the main sources for researching the activities of merchant ships and their crews during the First World War, 1914 to 1918. It is divided into: general information on what is available in the NMM; ships used by the Government; shipping movements; crews and gallantry awards; ships sunk by war causes and by marine causes; cargo; and miscellaneous sources.
Naval history net : navies, battles, warships, losses
This website contains extensive information on twentieth-century naval warfare, particularly on the British Royal Navy. The site is divided into four sections: on the First World War; the inter-war years; the Second World War; and the Falklands conflict.The World War One section introduces the naval background of each nation involved, along with detailed lists and charts of losses sustained, and articles on the campaigns and major battles. There are three detailed accounts of inter-war expeditions, including information on the U.S. Navy's Point Honda disaster of 1923. The World War Two…
Royal Navy : operational records First World War, 1914-1918
One of several Information Leaflets available on The National Archives website. There are three main series' of records. The Official History of the Great War, is a multi volume work located in The National Archives Library. The papers used to prepare this work are also located at The National Archives and are divided into three subject files covering the Secretariat of the Admiralty, the papers of the Grand Fleet and other naval commands, and Naval War Staff, principally the Trade Division. There are also papers not used in the Official History which are records of the Admiralty Secre…
World war one naval combat
Darren Milford, a naval enthusiast, publishes this website on the naval battles of the First World War. The site provides a straight military history of naval combat during World War One, concentrating primarily on the surface warship warfare between Germany and Britain. Amongst the events covered are the Battles of Jutland, Dogger Bank, Heligoland Bight, Coronel and the Falklands, and the scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow. Users can find information about World War One Warships, with lists of ships and their classes, as well as information on individual ones like HMS Aboukir…
Jutland 1916
An online exhibition from the Imperial War Museum: '1916: British supremacy of the seas was challenged by Imperial Germany's naval might. The ensuing battle, Jutland, has mesmerised generations of naval historians ever since.'
The Lusitania Medal
An online exhibition from the Imperial War Museum: 'The story behind the infamous Lusitania medallion. Many British copies of the medallion still survive - but why they were made?'