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Western front association
The Western Front Association is the website of a long-established, UK-based organisation with around 5,000 members world-wide. The Association aims to further interest in the period of the First World War and to perpetuate the memory of those soldiers on all sides who served their countries: at home; in France; and in Flanders during the Great War. The website provides details of the organisation's: committees; branches; and membership as well as linking to current relevant items in the press via its 'Stop Press' section. The 'Educational Resources' section is large, made up of artic…
World War One poets on the battlefield
The World War One Poets on the Battlefield Website looks at four British First World War poets: Edmund Blunden; Rupert Brooke; Wilfred Owen; and Siegfried Sassoon. The content is based on four books published by Battleground Europe as part of their 'On the trail of the Poets of the Great War' series. For each poet there is a short biography, and a fairly detailed account of the military service they experienced. Other resources available on the site include: bibliographies; maps; critiques of poems; and photographic tours of the battlegrounds each man fought on. The site would be of in…
Battle of the Somme : The Times newspaper presentation
A Times Online Archive special topic.
First World War 90th Anniversary
A website from the Imperial War Museum, providing information and links to the Museum's collection, online exhibitions, and events to commemorate the 90th anniversary of The Armistice.
Times Online - Shells despatch video
A video from The Times Online Archive showing how the newspaper was involved in exposing the scandal of the shells shortage on the Western Front.
Tunnels of Vimy Ridge
A BBC News film-clip (Nov 2008).