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War poets collection
The War Poets Collection is a website belonging to Napier University in Edinburgh, the home of a collection of documents relating primarily to First World War poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. The collection is held at the University's Craiglockhart campus, the site of which was formerly a military hospital where Sassoon and Owen first met, and where some of their poems were written. The website gives general information on the more than 400 items in the collection, as well as visitor information for the related exhibition, and more on the history of Craiglockhart. Of partic…
Wilfred Owen Association
The Wilfred Owen Association (WOA) website provides information on the poet and his life, as well as some details of the association itself. This information is accessed via menus at the side of the main page, under the headings: 'His Life'; 'Virtual Tour'; 'Memorials'; 'His Poetry'; 'Web Links'; and 'WOA'. The biographical section is comprised of a timeline of major events in Owen's life, and photographs of his close family. The 'Virtual Tour' consists of photographs of places where Owen lived and also of relevance to his life as a soldier in the First World War. The poetry sectio…
BBC : History : Historic figures : Wilfred Owen
A biography of the poet from the BBC website with links to further BBC content, including audio recordings of some of the poems.
BBC : Shropshire : Culture and arts : New biography shows the real Wilfred Owen
A BBC news report on Dominic Hibberd's biography of the poet.
BBC News : Entertainment : Myth and magic of Wilfred Owen
An article by Vincent Dowd, Arts reporter, BBC World Service, examining 'Owen's enigma'.
English Revision Notes
A-Level and GCSE English Language/Literature, as well as some notes for Key Stage 3 and University level World War I poetry revision notes on the British student moderated wiki, The Student Room (TSR), including: Issac Rosenburg, Harold Begbie, Wilfred Owen, Edmund Blunden.
First World War Poets : Your Archives
A pointer towards collections in The National Archives of interest for study of the military service of some of the war poets.
Oxford DNB : The Armistice
To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War you can read, for free, the life stories of 36 individuals from the Oxford DNB. The presentation is arranged into the categories: Women and War; the Trenches; the Fallen; Empire; Land, Sea and Air; and Remembrance - reflecting different aspects of the 1914-18 conflict. The biographies include: Vera Brittain, Ivor Gurney, and Wilfred Owen.
War Poets Association : Wilfred Owen
A biography written for the War Poets Society website.
Wartime friendship takes centre stage
A local newspaper article about the Rowan Tree Theatre Company tour of 'Not About Heroes', a play which tells of the remarkable relationship between poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon who met at Craiglockhart Military Hospital during the First World War.