First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Resource packs

The resource packs are aimed specifically at Key Stages 1-4 English and History. These are downloadable zip folders containing ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations, a 'Read Me' guide, worksheets with activities, and separate files for you to use in your own presentations.

These files will run on any PC or Mac with PowerPoint installed. Some packs contain films that are in mpeg format. These will play on any standard media player installed on your computer. You are free to edit and adapt the materials supplied in anyway for use in your teaching.

Resource packs for History

What do we remember on Remembrance Day?

Photograph of Remembrance Poppies

This pack provides a PowerPoint, a set of images, and a film to explore Remembrance Day with relation to the First World War.

Trusting Source Material

Photograph of the Daily Liar Newspaper

Contains a PowerPoint and sets of images, films, and audio to guide students through questions about trusting and analysing sources.

Women and the First World War

Photograph of women munition workers

Contains a PowerPoint and sets of images and films to explore the role of women in the First World War, as well as the feminist movement.