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'Fame is the recognition of one's peers' by First World War Poetry Digital Archive
This pathway was created by Suzanne for UWS. It describes the relationships between poets during the First World War, emphasizing Wilfred Owen.
'The Last Laugh' by Wilfred Owen by Stuart Lee
A brief introduction to Wilfred Owen's poem 'The Last Laugh' with questions on the poem, and a look at how it was written.
A Selection of First World War Poetry by First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Here you can read a selection of poems that are included in the First World War Poetry Digital Archive. Some poems are further illustrated with images of manuscript variants.
Archival Material: drafts, communal writing, and affective experience by Hope Wolf
Arthur Albert White by white
2nd Lieutenant British Army 1915
Blunden by Mandy Francis
An exploration of how real events are transformed into literary texts, focusing on Edmund Blunden's poetry and 'Undertones of War'.

Poems mentioned include:
A House in Festubert
Third Ypres
Colonial Subjects in WWI and British Subjects in the Colonies by helen thomas
The aim of this pathway is to provide an example of the ways in which British colonial subjects participated, witnessed and responded to WWI. Both the global and national context of the war will be considered (e.g. British Indian and British African troops fighting in Europe and British tro…
Conflict in Context: Journey's End & The Spring Offensive by Keira Ring
A collection of texts, images and sounds exploring the historical context of 'Journey's End' and the 1918 Spring Offensive.
Dean Echenberg by Dean Echenberg
I have been a collector of war poetry for over 40 years and I have managed to accumulate over 5500 volumes. I hope that someday the collection will be placed in an academic setting. It can be seen online at or
Decipher Family Photographs by Alun Edwards
Unlock the clues in your family photographs from the Great War (1914-1918) to enrich your family history and discover new leads to offical documents from: uniforms; cap badges; shoulder titles; medal ribbons; badges (overseas service, unit insignia, weapons proficiency), as well as equipment…

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