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Afterwards by Hannah
This Pathway is to be used for revision purposes, predominantly. Whilst the over-arching theme is ‘Afterwards,’ several further themes ('Disillusionment,' 'Memoirs,' 'Sacrifice') emerge and pupils should be encouraged to explore these.

The main aim of the Pathway is to enable pupi…
Animals used in the War efffort by Nicola Robey
A series of images displaying the utlisation of various animals employed to aid in either conflict or rescue during WW1.
Archival Material: drafts, communal writing, and affective experience by Hope Wolf
Case study writing service by ashleybulluck
Case study is usually a very interesting and entertaining piece of writing which has a very peculiar and unusual case or situation at hand. But the more interesting the case study is, the trickier it appears to be – it provides a great field for research and thus conceals lots of secret find…
Colonial Subjects in WWI and British Subjects in the Colonies by helen thomas
The aim of this pathway is to provide an example of the ways in which British colonial subjects participated, witnessed and responded to WWI. Both the global and national context of the war will be considered (e.g. British Indian and British African troops fighting in Europe and British tro…
DORA and Propaganda by mgale
Edward Thomas by A Miller
This tutorial traces the wartime experience of the poet Edward Thomas, with particular emphasis on the effects of the First World War on families and children.
Films of the Battle of the Somme by First World War Poetry Digital Archive
This pathway was created for the Learning and Teaching Development - ICT for English
Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, as a demonstration of how to integrate a pathway into a class.
First World War: texture and context by Kathleen Bell
This pathway is part of a project for Creative Writing students. The aim is to consider how to use historical texts and artefacts as a trigger for writing, especially in reimagining the past.
German First World War Writing by Nick Martin
This pathway contains introductory and contextual material on 7 German First World War writers. It is designed as a starting point for your own independent research.

-- Remarque, Im Westen nichts Neues (1929)
-- Flex, Der Wanderer zwischen beiden Welten (1917)
-- Jünger, In …

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