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'Fame is the recognition of one's peers' by First World War Poetry Digital Archive
This pathway was created by Suzanne for UWS. It describes the relationships between poets during the First World War, emphasizing Wilfred Owen.
Afterwards by Hannah
This Pathway is to be used for revision purposes, predominantly. Whilst the over-arching theme is ‘Afterwards,’ several further themes ('Disillusionment,' 'Memoirs,' 'Sacrifice') emerge and pupils should be encouraged to explore these.

The main aim of the Pathway is to enable pupi…
Blunden by Mandy Francis
An exploration of how real events are transformed into literary texts, focusing on Edmund Blunden's poetry and 'Undertones of War'.

Poems mentioned include:
A House in Festubert
Third Ypres
Conflict in Context: Journey's End & The Spring Offensive by Keira Ring
A collection of texts, images and sounds exploring the historical context of 'Journey's End' and the 1918 Spring Offensive.
Edward Thomas by A Miller
This tutorial traces the wartime experience of the poet Edward Thomas, with particular emphasis on the effects of the First World War on families and children.
Isaac Rosenberg by millera
This pathway gives a brief overview of some of Isaac Rosenberg's poetry and letters, and some of the images that might have inspired him during his time spent in France from the summer of 1916 until his death on 1st April, 1918.
Love in a time of war by Steve Ellis
This pathway is intended for students exploring texts related to relationships in the First World War. The pathway has a particular relevance for students studying the First World War Option at AS level for AQA Specification A and may also be of use at A2 level for the theme 'Love Through th…
LTA6 by Richard Warren
Have a look at these resources relating to the canonical authors of LTA6 interest.
Poetry in the Great War by phoebe blyth
To what extent did the poetry of the Great War reflect the changing attitudes to the war - and towards war in general - in Britain?
Poetry Journal by First World War Poetry Digital Archive
This pathway was created by Trina Glover for her class at South Fremantle Senior High School, as a sample project for her high school students.

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