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Decipher Family Photographs
Unlock the clues in your family photographs from the Great War (1914-1918) to enrich your family history and discover new leads to offical documents from: uniforms; cap badges; shoulder titles; medal ribbons; badges (overseas service, unit insignia, weapons proficiency), as well as equipment…
Find Army Service Records
Some tips to help trace a soldier who served in the army during the First World War - whether for your family history, for research or to find out about the boys who went to your school or came from your town.
Percy Powell
William Pervical Weatherley 'Percy' Powell died of his wounds in July 1917, having been discharged from the army on 2nd June 1916 after suffering perforated eardrums.
Welsh Poet Hedd Wyn
Background information about Ellis Humphrey Evans (Hedd Wyn) the Welsh poet who was killed during the First World War. This is to provide context for those studying the craft of the film-maker (for the film 'Hedd Wyn' - a set work for study at the Welsh Second Language exam at AS level).