First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Postcard from France,1919

                        Saturday August 16th (1919)

My dearest Janet (Towler), Fancy your brother being at Wimereux. What is he doing there? Is he going to stay there for a great long time? You know we have houses there, we feared for them all the war long but I am glad to say they are all right. I am sending you some of the views of poor old Laon. Newspapers say the town is intact,you will be able to see once more that newspapers are not always exact in their informations. Here is the view of the bridge the tram went by to come from the station to the middle of the
town. I am glad to know you are enjoying good holidays in a beautiful and quiet place. You must be happy to be with daddy again. I am awfully tired for my part as we received furniture from Paris last week and had all the house upside down. Add to this the house is...

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