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No.173/3517 This Certificae is granted to Joseph C Bennett employed as Foreman in the works of Messrs.VICKERS,Ltd. Sheffield in token that his services are urgently required in the manufacture of Ordnance War Material for the defence of the Realm, in which service he is required to exercise DILIGENCE and FAITHFULNESS.


(This certificate is the property of H.M's War Department.)

Overleaf is stated "To ensure that this Certificate remains in the hands of the person to whom it has been issued,it is ordered that it shall be initialed or stamped on this side once in every month by a representative of the firm in which the holder is employed. Should the holder cease to be employed the Certificate must be given up by the holder and returned to the War Office. At the end of the War this Cerificate will be returned to the War Offce with the claim for issue of the Medal which is sanctioned for issue to those whose service is approved. Only those Cetificates which are properly initialed and certified will be deemed valid."

The Certificate lives in a red passport type of cover marked; Any person finding this book,unless it can be at once restored to the Owner, should place it in a Post Office Letter Box for return to:-

                    The Secretary,
                       War  Office,

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