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HM Hospital Ship 'Rohilla'

The disastrous wreck of HM Hospital ship ‘Rohilla,’ near Whitby, on October 30, would in ordinary times, have attracted greater attention, the sufferings of the passengers and crew having been specially harrowing. In this case, 84 persons were drowned and 145 saved, and the necessaries provided for the latter, including railway fares, amounted to no less than £566 3s 5d, whilst
the Society also expended £140 in temporary help to widows and orphans. The Society’s Hon. Agent at Whitby, Mr RK Jackson (who took all measures possible for the comfort of the shipwrecked person, involving a great amount of trouble, exposure and inconvenience), received the following letter from the Secretary of the British India SN Company, owners of the wrecked ship:-

“Dear Sir, I am desired by the Directors of the British India Steam Navigation Company Limited, to convey to you the expression of their sincere thanks for the kindness shown and great assistance so willingly give by you to the survivors of the ‘Rohilla.’ ”

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