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Awarding of Military Medal to Pte. Boyd Murray

Boyd Murray, MM, Private A/7673 2nd Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)who died on Wednesday, 28th November, 1917.

Remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, V]Belgium, Panel 68-70 and 162 and 162A.

Military Medal, 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Terrirorian Force Efficienty Medal, Memorial Plaque.

Gold Watch: Presented to Pte. B. Murray SR to commemorate his gaining the
Military Medal by teh townspeaople of Galston 23.05.17.

I have all the medals (and watch) mentioned above. They can be viewed in the Barr Castle Museum, Galston.

I have, from local press, "In memoriam" notices in the years after Boyd Murray was killed.

I have a photograph of Boyd Murray.

I have the letter sent to his family informing them of his death: "I deeply regret to say that your son, 7673, met his death . . ."

I have numerous letters sent from the front to his family

I have a variety of other iteme, including brass tin and postcards from the front.

I have copies of minutes from local council meetings in the build up to the presentation of the gold watch.

I have copies of stories which appeared in the local press:

"A non-commissioned officer and 12 men were taken to lead the battalion over the parapet. At the word of commmand, as has always been the pride of the British Army, they mounted the parapet and penetrated the German trenches. A hand to hand combat with bombs ensued. Pte. Murray never flinched, but stood his ground throughtout, but there was only another man besides himself who had mounted the parapet came back to tell the tale. The Sergeant was honoured with the DCM and Private Murray got a Milatary Medal."

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