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`Lost Hero` William Robert Jones

William Robert Jones,born 2 January 1887,in the Rhondda to a mining family,he himself was a miner in 1913 when he married Amy Anne Williams.He was a claranet player and a member of the A.M.U.His daughter Beatrice May was born May 1914.

William joined the 32nd Bn Royal Fusiliers <1916> and was a bandsmans/stretcher bearer,I believe he was first posted to Italy and then re-deployed to France, as there was more need for troops there.In 1918,because of the many casualties,William was attached to the 10 Royal West

(The Queens)and was reported missing on the 22 March 1918, he was 31 years of age and perhaps his story is unremarkable,considering the times,there will be many similar,but William`s story does not end here,his death as not been recorded?and there seems to be no commemoration of his life and role in the WAR.

The contemporary position is that The CWGC are in contact with The Home Office and enquiries are on going, the resolution of this will hopefully be that William is commemorated in the proper manner,until then,this archive will fullfil that need.So the story is unfinished?

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