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The Hogg brothers of Todshawhaugh, Roberton

The three Hogg brothers; John, Peter and Thomas Davidson who were raised by their mother and father Agnes Hoy Jeffrey and Alexander Hogg at Todshawhaugh farm ((Toe-je-hoch) where Alexander was the farm Steward.

In 1912 John and Peter left the borders for a better life in New Zealand. Both were farm labourers and John had previously served with the Durham light Infantry.

John worked as a bushman in New Zealand until the outbreak of WW1, when he signed up with the NZEF. He was difficult to find as he signed up under the name Pte John Hogg SMITH that may or may not have been his real name. (I haven’t located his birth certificate yet) He joined the 7th Wellington Regiment and his service number was 10/534.

John arrived at the Gallipoli Peninsula to fight on April 25th 1915. By the 29th April 1915 he had sustained gunshot injuries to his thigh. He was transferred onto a hospital ship (Goohha). He died of septicaemia on route to the South of England on approximately 8th May 1915.

John’s life is commemorated on the war memorial at Roberton, close to the family home at Todshawhaugh and on the Lone Pine war memorial in Turkey.

John’s brothers Peter and Thomas also served in WW1. Peter also served with the NZEF, joining later than John, and served until the end of the war, when he returned to New Zealand.

Thoomas Davidson Hogg also served in WW1 but with the KOSB, he is mentioned and there is a photograoph of him on the Roberton & District Roll of Honour which is kept in the Forman Hall in Roberton, along with a mention of John Hogg saying: "7th Regiment Wellington West Coast Coy. Main N.Z.E Force"

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