First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Letter from 2nd. Lt. Frank Aldridge Fawcett

1/6 South Staffs Rgt BEF France 18.4.16

Dear Uncle Jack,

Hear that you have joined the Arty: good luck are they Field Guns or F[]:? Think I told you that we were sent to Egypt but returned within a month of landing there, was a very interesting experience; called at Malta - spent 10 days in Alexandria, awfully nice place and some time at the Suez Canal in the desert, expecting Turks. The weather was all against us since we came back to France - snowed for the first month, which wasn't pleasant, now it's quite nice - weather I mean! Have been in a bit of a "bother" during this last month. I'm battalion Bombing Officer which is a bit of a hot job, hence had quite an exciting 12 hours. Lost a few pals, which is rotten. Mining has been our chief trouble, the moral effect of a mine going up in ones trench is bad. The crater of one was 50 feet deep and about 60 yards across - and every time things round about fairly loops-the-loop. After this every straffing machine that opens & shuts, commences! You will say "Thank goodness I'm not a "footslogger"! Am writing this in an old German dug-out - very well fitted, two beds, fire place, mantelpiece, one or two pictures,
table [polished?] chair and an acetylene lamp, the whole being about 30 feet below the earth's surface - hence we are very safe & very comfortable. Am sending this to Grandma to post to you.

Yours &c Frank

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