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Gwendoline Weatherley, N.A.P. Nursing Corps, married Belgian officer

Walter Powell's family history notes include:

"Gwendoline and Nancy Weatherley were fortunate. In 1909 they each came in for a nice legacy. Walter George Weatherley (their father) sent them to school in Switzerland. When the 1914 war started they had a bad time, returning home by boat through Italy and the Mediterranean.

Gwen joined the N.A.P. Nursing Corps and was soon out at the front. She nursed a Belgian officer and married him, but he died of his wounds.

Later she nursed Lt. Col. John Humphrey and in 1928 they married. She was a bit surprised to learn he had a title - Sir! He commanded the Surrey Yeomanry - (Territorials in 1914, and they became the Queen Mary's Regiment). He was
Sherriff 1913-14 - K.J., Member of Port of London Authority 1914-19, Alderman of Tower Ward 1912-20. He died in July 1938.

Gwen later married Commander Kydd (Royal Navy retired). Gwen drove a Bentley. She and her sister Nancy often stayed with Hannah Weatherley [aunt] at The Cedars, Builth and also with us [Walter and Gwynedd Powell, Llandrindod]. We had several rides in the old car."

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