3. Addresses on Mailing Lists

Here at Oxford, users of the email system have a one or more email address of the form:

  • fred.bloggs@unit.ox.ac.uk (- short form)

(People who had a Herald email account prior to October 2005 had two forms of their email address. e.g.

  • fred.bloggs@oucs.ox.ac.uk - short form
  • fred.bloggs@computing-services.ox.ac.uk - long form. Not valid after 2008)

This address information is contained within the 'Header' of your email.

In order to mail to a list, the address in your mail header must match that registered on the list. If you are added by the list administrator, the registered address may not match the address your mail header contains and your posts to the list will fail even though you receive other postings.

We strongly advise that you subscribe to any mailing lists yourself, rather than through the list administrator to avoid such problems.

Where manual subscriptions are made to lists, the administrator can add the other address form to the 'Allow' list. Please see the Mailing List Owners Guide to see how to do this.

To view all your Oxford-based Ezmlm maillist subscriptions and to see the email form used to subscribe to lists, visit the maillist web site and select the Show my subscriptions link.

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